Frequently Asked Questions

HideOut Live events

Are HideOut events accessible?

We strive to make HideOut events fully accesible to anyone and everyone who wants. In the description of all our events we have detials on accessibility. As much as we recommend bringing a blanket/pillow and sitting on floor, if you aren't able then we'll always have a chair waiting for you. We try to ensure all our venues have level/ramped access, and that it has an accessible bathroom onsite. Unfortunately, not every venue will have these features. Other accessibility features such as FM radio transmitters or Induction loops for hearing aids and implants are on our wishlist but limited in access at the moment due to cost. If you know your way around these systems, we'd love to chat! If you have any other queries or questions regarding accessibility, then please feel free to contact us here.

Can I buy more than four tickets?

We usually like as many different people to experience the space as possible, hence our four ticket limit per HideOut account. However, if there's a special occasion, and you just need extras, then shoot us an email, and we’ll see if we can arrange something for you!

I can’t make it anymore to a HideOut Live gig! Can I get a refund/transfer?

Oh no! Sorry to hear you can’t make it. If you’re unable to attend the event, you can nominate a friend to go in your place! Please contact us here with their full name, email address, contact details, as well as the event details (scheduled date, and time) as soon as possible. Otherwise, in the days leading up to each event, we generally aren’t able to find someone to replace your seat/s. This is why within 72 hours of the event we aren’t able to transfer, or refund your ticket. If we did, the refund would directly impact the venues, artists, and crew involved in our events who rely on your ticket purchase to make a living. We strive to support the people that make this possible, and a refund or transfer within the above time frame would be equivalent to taking money belonging to them or future workers away. If you contact us prior to 72 hours before the event, we’re more than happy to refund or transfer your ticket. Before we do, we ask you to consider donating it to the show for the same reasons as above. In order to refund your ticket, please email us here. In order to transfer your ticket, you must meet all of the following:

  • The ticket/s must be transferred in full to one other event.
  • The ticket/s must be of equal or lesser value.
  • The ticket/s can only be transferred once.
To transfer, please send us an email explaining the reason, and the future date you wish to transfer to. If you aren’t happy with the above, and/or want to talk to us about the policy, then please contact us here.

My show was cancelled/rescheduled! Can I get a refund?

Absolutely! If a show has been cancelled, we’ll automatically refund you within 3-5 business days. If a show has been rescheduled, then your ticket/s will be moved to the rescheduled date, and will only be refunded according to our above refund/transfer FAQ above. If you have an enquiry where Australian Consumer Law applies then please contact us by email here.

I'm a musician and want to play! What do I do?

Yay! We're excited that you're keen. If you haven't already, we suggest filling out our artist application form so we can hear your beautiful tunes. We also suggest coming to one of our artist community events so you can get to know the team, and start being part of the HideOut Hub where you can collaborate, learn, and hang out with likeminded people. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

What is a HideOut Live event, and how are you different?

We're all familiar with the classic cocktail of bars, booze and bands. It's a tried and true recipe for a great night out, but at HideOut, we believe there's more than one way to rock out. We're passionate about creating spaces for you to enjoy music up close, at lower volumes. These are places where you can bring a blanket or pillow to sit on, and stretch out, enjoying the company of your old mates, and maybe even striking up a conversation with some new ones. Consisting of three acts, we think of our shows more in line with the theatre than with a local pub. During these acts we ask all patrons to stop and listen to the music, fully immersing within the music performed. These events are carefully curated for enjoying music at a deeper level, offering an intimate perspective on the best emerging talent from Melbourne – one of the world's great musical cities, in its raw, beautiful form.

What is your COVID-19 policy for live events?

Your safety is our utmost priority, and therefore, we will never run an event we think will put you at risk. In organising these events for you, we ensure our policies and procedures are implemented and up to date to the newest scientific data, and government regulations and guidelines. Classified as a Tier 3 event by the Victorian government, we undergo a COVIDSafe Event Checklist prior to each event. You can see our submitted plans here. This and the below is subject to change, and will be updated to reflect state guidelines accordingly (Current as of 8/1/21). The below outlines what to expect when attending our event. Prior to arriving We understand you’re excited to come, we are too! But before you make your way, please check yourself and ensure you aren’t unwell. If you are unwell, or have been instructed to isolate or quarantine, please do not attend – and go and get tested. If you let us know you aren’t coming, we can transfer your ticket to another event. On arrival

  • Welcome to the show! Here we collect the details of everyone entering via an easy to access QR code so that we can get in touch if ever we need to. This information will be kept for 28 days in accordance with COVIDsafe measures before being erased.
  • As an extra measure, a non-contact temperature reading will be taken on entry. This is to better maintain the safety of all attendees.
Do I need to wear a mask?
  • Under current Victorian regulations, masks are required indoors when not consuming food or beverages, so please make sure you bring yours along. Our staff and even musicians will also be joining the charge where masks are not inhibitory to their performance.
  • Please exercise proper cough etiquette such as coughing into your elbow or mask, and personal hygiene measures such as hand washing or sanitisation after touching shared surfaces.
  • We work hard to make your experience as touch free as possible! This is done through steps such as a touch free entry into, and out of our event.
  • Before and throughout the show, we also sanitise those surfaces you may not be able to avoid such as bathroom handles.
  • Hand sanitiser stations will be available around the venue for your use.
Social distancing
  • We ensure our venues can accommodate at least a 2 meters distance between everyone present so you can have your space to relax.
  • If you’re standing up during intermission, please ensure you keep 1.5 meters distance from others, and wear a mask when not eating or drinking.
If you have any questions or queries, please message us at, ‘’.

HideOut Hub

I'm a non-musician – can I come to the HideOut Hub events, and socialise alongside the artists?

HideOut Hub events are designed for artists as a space to collaborate, play, and socialise. We see it as an environment that they can fully unwind and challenge themselves in – something having fans and supporters (who we love!!) present in might effect. In order to best maintain this and the security of those artists involved, these spaces are not open to non-musicians.

I can’t make it anymore to a HideOut Hub event but I've bought a ticket! Can I get a refund/transfer?

Oh no! Sorry to hear you can’t make it. On the day of the event, we generally aren’t able to replace to find someone to replace your spot. This is why on the day of the event (from 11:59pm the day before) we aren’t able to transfer, or refund your ticket. If we did, it would directly impact the organisation and our ability to bring these spaces to you in future. However, if given some heads up, then there are a couple of options.

  • If you contact us prior to 11:59pm the day before the event, we’re able to transfer your ticket
  • If you contact us 72 hours prior to the event, we’re able to transfer, or refund your ticket.
To request a refund, please email us here mentioning your: name, event booked, and the email address you booked with. In order to transfer your ticket, you must meet all of the following:
  • The ticket’s value you transfer to must be of equal or lesser value.
  • The ticket can only be transferred once.
To transfer, please send us an email explaining the reason, and the future event you wish to transfer to. If you aren’t happy with the above, and/or want to talk to us about the policy, then please contact us here.

What exactly do you classify as an 'artist', and a 'musician'?

We think that anyone who creates music of any kind – folk, rap, ambient, jazz, house, neosoul, classical, punk and all the rest – is an artist/musician! As long as you create sounds that make your heart sing, we think you are one.

I'm just starting out my musical journey – is the HideOut Hub for me?

GO YOU!!! We love new talent, and think you're awesome for taking the initiative to learn. Our spaces are designed for those with a base understanding of their own creative process and the industry. Because of this we have the ability to focus on more in-depth issues, processes, and conversations that we otherwise wouldn't be able to explore such as song-writing challenges and discussions around releases. If you're still unsure whether our spaces would work for you, then please shoot us an email! We'd love to hear how to best help you . If you're based in Victoria, check out The Push, who provides learning and up-skilling opportunities for young Victorians aged 12-25. If you know of any other resources you feel we should list here, then please let us know.

What exactly are the Workshops and what do they look like?

Our workshops are collaborative sessions that cover a variety of topics suggested by the community. Each session we’ll explore a different concept ranging from songwriting, to social media management – all designed for artists. The workshops are mainly held online, and have up to 30 people present. But don’t fret, this won’t be an awkward ‘30 people on the screen and only one can chat at a time’ situation. We hold our sessions on a special platform that allows everyone to ‘sit’ at virtual ‘tables’ which you can freely move between – much like a real room – letting conversation and discussion flow much more naturally. This format, in combination with our experiential education model, allows us to create dynamic sessions where groups change and shift, allowing you to meet, interact, collaborate, and work through challenges with a wide range of individuals. “Why are you using the word “challenge”?” We believe that quality learnings come from reflection and active experimentation. We feel a way to achieve this is to put you in a situation you might never have been in before, in an environment designed to help step you through discovery. Examples might include activities like writing a song in 45 minutes, or discussing questions that require you to look deep into your definitions, like ‘Are there common musical tropes you fall into?’. We will never tell you how best to achieve your goals. Instead, these workshops bring people together to find out and help you find what best works for you.


I've bought a ticket and want to claim GST. Why can't I?

Quick answer: We're simply not registered for it yet! Longer answer: We're just starting up, and are still in the very early days of growth. As such, our annual revenue doesn't yet meet the threshold for GST registration. Strange to say it, but it'll be a very happy day when we finally do register for GST because it means we will have grown!

Where does my money go?

We're personally over the mystery of financial operations in many of the businesses out there. So we're just cutting through all that, and have made you this – a financial breakdown of our revenue.