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About us

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HideOut Music is an organisation dedicated to supporting and growing Australian music and the Australian music community through live music events, educational workshops, communal spaces and networking opportunities. 

With the belief that a good tune is the key to the soul, we think that everyone should have access to the raw, authentic beauty and passion that music brings. That's why our mission is to grow and foster an authentic community of music lovers and music makers, bringing as much soul through song as we can to the world.


We provide a range of services in two main categories: 


  • Small-scale, intimate live music experiences

Musicians / Artists (See ‘What do you call a musician?’)

The below was in trial 2021, and will return when safe to do so.

  • Interactive and collaborative workshops 

  • QandA style panel conversations

  • Networking opportunities

  • Social spaces for artists

  • Collaborative work-spaces

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Our Story

Our founder, JJ Monester (see image above) started his career in experiential education; a concept which combats traditional learning methods, concentrating on direct experience and focused reflection. Honing this craft over 6 years he became fuelled by a passion for both bringing people together, and simultaneously challenging, analysing, dissecting, and discussing the norms of society. He became enamoured by the effectiveness of the educational model, finding its effects were far stronger in the creative space due to its ability to support and reinforce self-discovery, rather than telling people how and what they should learn. 

Enter the music scene, where he took up work in festival crowd care, harm-reduction and worker management for Meredith Music Festival, Golden Plains, Strawberry Fields and more. This larger scale work was nicely paired with his work at Sofar Sounds as a volunteer city leader in Melbourne for 2.5 years, engaging over 120 artists in just under 40 shows – all this fitting in nicely with his training as a Paramedic.

Throughout this though there was a problem. JJ noticed that live music in Melbourne can be an isolating experience for music-lovers and musicians. As a musician you are rarely able to test out new songs on an audience and unpack your writing process in public - instead you are largely expected to be 'perfect' on stage. As a music-lover, live experiences are mainly limited to crowded spaces, and with so much noise the music is often hard to hear. 

This exposure to the families that festivals hold, combined with the intimate and community-driven music scene, and mashed with a love for education, forms the ethos of HideOut Music. To provide a positive and growth driven space bringing people together into a community to flourish away from the overly commercialised and corporatised segments of the industry. 

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An important note

Yes we know it's cheesy, but the discussions, realisations, enthusiasm and joy that each person selflessly donates through being a part of our community, shapes HideOut from a concept into its solidified form. Thank you to everyone who is a part of this, you are a core part of us.

A special shout out to the individuals who have and continue to advise, suggest, brainstorm, and support – you know who you are. HideOut's creation and ongoing development would never have been possible without you. Thank you <3

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